Semantic Stories

A collection of tales that reflect my inner world, my thoughts and ideas, my expressions of the mind. Stories about structured data, semantics, and SEO that I wanted to share with you, prior to drifting away in thoughts of a related kind.

Constructs I felt the need to document in writing, so to create some ‘semantic space’ for new concepts down the line. Things you might not necessarily agree with, but that is okay, as these are just reflections of the activities in that brain of mine.


Latest stories

Does Structured Data Markup influence EEAT?


Yes, Structured Data Markup = E-E-A-T fairy dust, or so the popular answer goes. Complete nonsense of course because magic does not compute! There are no quick hacks for boosting your Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness or Trustworthiness. One-size-fits-all formulas have never worked. Not for machines and most certainly not for people. The real story is...