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The Invisible Graph, a place for those with an interest in structured data markup, schema.org, and semantic SEO. A website that hopefully will become an answer to the question, “I want to learn about markup, but where do I go?”.

A blog where I share my experience through stories and guides, in which I let my thoughts freely roam. A node on the worldwide (semantic) web I wish I had access to while learning about this ‘stuff’ – that is the dream for Jarno van Driel‘s digital home.


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Does Structured Data Markup influence EEAT?


Yes, Structured Data Markup = E-E-A-T fairy dust, or so the popular answer goes. Complete nonsense of course because magic does not compute! There are no quick hacks for boosting your Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness or Trustworthiness. One-size-fits-all formulas have never worked. Not for machines and most certainly not for people. The real story is...